“The Holy Mountains” Sanatorium

of Svyatogorsk (Slavyanogorsk)

The Sanatorium “The Holy Mountains” is located in the natural geological and botanical museum reserve of Svyatogorsk , where extremely rare relict plants grow, on the bank of the Seversky Donets river in Donetsk region at the foot of a huge white cliff.


In the XIX century there were buildings for monks of the Svyatogorsk Monastery. About 500 monks lived there. Now the buildings serve as sanatorium hotels for guests.

   A part and parcel of the whole monastery complex is a hotel courtyard. It's situated in the opposite, eastern part of the monastery's ensemble.

 The four hotel buildings have been preserved and the one which attracts a curious eye is called “nobiliary inn”. Today it is a large three-storied building with a semi-basement, built on the turn of the XIX century (earlier it was a two-storied one).


The hotel was reconstructed many times especially after it had been ruined during World War II. At present it serves as rooms for the guests of “The Holy Mountains” sanatorium.

   It had the order elements in its architectural forms. The hotel was designed for 200 guest rooms.

 Many famous poets, writers, artists stayed at this hotel. In olden times the picturesque landscape of the Svyatogorye inspired the visitors to create, and among such people where the poet Fyodor Tyetchev, the writers Anton Chekhov, Ivan Bunin und Vasily Nemirovich-Danchenko, artist Ilya Repin.

   The Svayatogorsky health resort is famous for its curative features which are the result of a lot of sunny days, the high level of air ionization, almost the full absence of winds in this area. The summer lasts here 120 days per year by the average temperature +8 C. Medical procedures, used at the sanatorium, combine with climatic treatment, the last one dominates.

 Kinds of treatment at the sanatorium:

- heart vascular system, - iron deficit anemia,
- nervous breakdowns, - parents with children of age 4-14 years old.
- unspecific functional diseases of breathing organs, 

There are the following departments in the sanatorium: gynecology, stomatology, psycho-therapy, sexology ( for males), dental surgery, needle reflex & manual therapy. 


The sanatorium disposes of the medical basis:

- hydropathical hospital (water cure): sylphuretted hydrogen, bromic iodine, pearl, coniferous bathes; - 2 swimming pools;
- medical beach; - underwater massage-shower;
- inhalant for inhalation medicines and herb-waters; - psychotherapy.


There are at guest's disposes: sport-grounds, library, concert hall, video salon, dancing hall.

 There are organized excursions to Svyatogorsk Assumption Cathedral, where you can participate at services during Christian Holydays; the passing through caves up to the St. Nickolas church on the chalky mountain; boat trip along the Seversky Donets river and observing small and secluded monastery of the Svyatogorsk monastery.


The rates for accommodation at the Sanatorium “The Holy Mountains”:

Single - 40 board Double - 50€   3-room suite - 80€ 
breakfast 3€
lunch 6€
dinner 6€

The prices are in USD given, per room per night.            

All rooms with amenities: cold&hot water, WC, shower or bathtube.


 1. Excursion to the Svyatogorsk Monastery (it's in action) visiting the Cathedral of Assumption, the ancient cave pavilion, the Pokrovskaya Church with the belfry, St. Nickolas Church

5 € per person

2. Boat trip along the Seversky Donets river with the observing small and secluded monastery of the Svjatogorsky Monastery

10 € per person.

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