The Pilgrim round “Sviaty Hory” (the Holy Mountains):


Tourists visit Svyatohorsk Assumption Monastery, located on the slopes of the Seversky Donets River, which history comes to the early XVII century. This is a picturesque locality with the historic name of Sviaty Hory (the Holy Mountains).


The ancient monks (probably from Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra) came here first and hollowed out the caves in the chalky rock. The caves of the Monastery are unique.


The monks or maybe not the first ones but those who settled after them found on a chalky pillar in one of the caves a saint Nickolas' miraculous icon.


That's way, those rocks and other monastery mountains have been called the Holy. The ancient mountain inhabitants distinguished themselves by living a holy ascetic life. Most of them gave their lives for the belief in Jesus Christ martyrised by the polovtsi and tartar invaders.


The cave monastery had undoubtedly become the first stronghold of the Christian Orthodoxy far away in the steppe, close to the heart of the Crimean Khanate.



Since 1992 the Svyatohorsk Monastery has recommenced its activity.


Excursion program:

Visit of the Cathedral of Assumption, Pokrovskaya Church with the belfry, Preobrazhenskaya Church, Andreyevskaya Chapel (the Upper and the Lower pavilion of pilgrims); passing through the labyrinths of the passages in the caves to the churches in the upper tier of cave constructions - St. Nikolas' cave church - a masterpiece of the Ukrainian national architectonics, St. Alexis Cave Church; observing the household complex of Svyatohorsk Monastery and Hotel courtyard.


     The accommodation in sanatorium “Sviaty Hory” or in Hotel “Stary Zamok”, the meal in the restaurant of the hotel or in sanatorium. The lodging and meal in the Monastery also is possible.

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