The Stone Barrows are the unique National Park, situated on Priazoviya hills of Donetsk Region at the mouths of the River Karatysh (250 km away from Donetsk).


Its area is about 400 ha including 300 ha that belong to Donetsk region and 100 ha - to Zaporozhie region.


Rocky ridges, separate "barrows (tombs)", often with fantastic tops towering 75-100 meters above the steppe are very impressive. Stone Tombs (Barrows) are called a small alpine land.


By its area and height this is the largest geological intrusion in Donbass and Priazovie.

Rocky ridges, separete "tombs", often with fantastic tops towering 70-100 meters above the steppe are very impressive.


The real feather-grass steppe where granite coming out on the surface. Rocky vegetation is spread on the granites which are unique and have no analogues in the world.

This dry land has not been ever overflowed with water. 2 milliard years ago here was a volcano at this place, but now there remained only stones.


Its unique granites have no analogues in the world. Their age is approximately 2 milliard years.


There are almost 500 types of plants in the Reservoir. Among them there are narrow natural habitat relic endemics, such as milfoil and cornflower, that can not be found anywhere else.


The "Stone Barrows" is a highland country in miniature. It strikingly contrasts with surrounding steppes by its great monumentality. Here one can see a lot of natural stone sculptures that seem to be the figment of an artist's imagination.


There are small grottoes, picturesque valleys and a number of fantastic views.

At this place in 1223 the prince of Kyiv fought the Tatars at the river Kalka (now Kalchyk river).

This country invigorates its visitors and charges them with curative energy, charms with incomparable fragrances and virgin steppe vegetation.

At present it is known that in ancient time this territory was a cult place for people of pit, catacomb and log-built cultures. The territory is surrounded with burial mounds of these ancient civilizations. According to one of the versions, the reinforced camp of Kievsky prince Mstislav Romanovich was located near "Stone Barrows" during the historical battle on the Kalka river. In 1223 the princes of Kyiv fought the Tatars at the Kalka (now Kalchyk river).

To those grave tombs the bishop Havriil used to appeal in the thirties. It is said that once there was a Tatar town near the tombs but Zaporozhian Cossacs have destroyed it. Holes and hillocks remain now there where once Tatar mosques were.

Here one can see a lot of natural stone sculptures that seem to be the figment of an artist's imagination.

During thousands years people prayed and worshiped to the ritual stone sculptures.

That's way, there is a very positive and curative energetics in this area.


Polovets stone sculptures ("Baba"). Its face is featureless as a result of work of Tatars and Mongols.

There are some interesting legends about the territory of the National Park. One of  them says that in ancient times there was a large town with its own kingdom in the place of this "mountain country", but for some reason a wicked wizard enchanted it.

There is a way to disenchant this place but till now nobody managed to do this.

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: 1 - 9 pax : ˆ 70 total

from 10 pax: ˆ 7 per rerson

The cost includes: entrance & reservation fee, Russian-speaking guide's services

Transport from / to Donetsk + interpreter's services are supplemental charge (on request)/

Booking terms: 5-7 days before starting

Scythian stone sculpture has got already distinct features, folding its arms on the belly (the very important organ of human being). Some of them may keep a talisman th its hands and a sword or an axe on its side.

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