One of the best climate resorts of Ukraine - Sviatohirsk - located 150 km far from Donetsk. This is probably the most frequently visited corner of the area, where natural landscapes blend harmoniously with the 17th - 19th century man-made Sviatohirsk Assumption Monastery. The Monastery is located on the slopes of the Siverskiy Donets River, a locality with the historic name of Svyaty Hory (Sacred Hills).


The caves of the Monastery are unique. In the 15th cent. the monks dug passages through a chalky, rock-filled mountain and built a church on its peak. Documents dating to 1526-1571 mention Svyati Hory as one of the Donetsk outposts. The monastery was first mentioned in documents dating to 1624. It was surrounded by walls which protected the monastery from aggressors. In 1679 the monastery was plundered by the Crimean Tatars. It was closed in 1783 and reopened in 1844 under the name Svyatohirska Uspenska Hermitage.


The monastery complex includes: the St. Nicholas' Church (17th cent.), Uspensky (Dormition) Cathedral (1859-60), cells (1887), an underground passage (17th cent.), Pilgrim's pavilion (19th cent.), towels (19th cent.), refectory, Pokrovska (Protection) Church and bell tower (1847-51). Since 1922 the monastery has been used as a rest-home and sanatorium. The status of Svyatovirsk Lavra was awarded the monastery in 2004.


The medical climatic conditions of this locality were known some 100 years ago.


There is a natural geological and botanical museum reserve, where extremely rare relict plants grow. This is a place of flood-land oak-groves situated on the left bank of Seversky Donets (the square is 295 ha). The most valuable trees are old seed oaks, their age is up to 200-300 years old.


There are sanatoria, holiday homes and children's summer camps dotted about in the reserve. This area is called Donetsk Swiss.


The Hotel "Old castle" is located in the coniferous forest on the sea river , near to the Svyatohirsk Lavra.


The is fresh air, picturesque nature, good service, comfort and only positive emotions.






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