Donetsk region (Donbass) is situated in the south-east of Ukraine. Donetsk is a large industrial scientific and cultural regional centre, with a highly developed heavy industry: coal, metallurgy and machine building.

The availability of own fuel and energy resources, a dense network of motor and rail roads, an outlet to the Sea and high level of urbanization create unique conditions for the development of business.

In the east Donetsk region borders on Russia. In the south it washed by the waters of the warm Sea of Azov. There is a large seaport of Mariupol with an annual tonnage of 11 million tons. This is a sea-gate of Donbass, located 120 km far away from Donetsk city. Mariupol city provides wide international connection mainly with the countries of Mediterranean, West Europe and Asia.

Donetsk region covers an area of 26,5 thousand sq. km. It stretches for 240 kilometers from north to south and for 150 kilometers from west to east.

Donetsk is 871 km far from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, by rail and 693 km by motor.

The length of mainline railways of Donetsk region is 3000km, the length of its motorways is 8000km, of which 7000 km with hard coating.

There are an International airport in Donetsk, also airports in Mariupol and Kramatorsk.

The population of Donetsk region is more than 5 million inhabitants, which constitutes 10% of the total population of Ukraine. There are 787 large industrial enterprises, 386 building organizations, 446 agricultural complexes, 68 scientific-research institutes, 16 higher educational establishments, 5 theatres.

The forest zone of Donetsk region occupies 112,1 thousand hectare, artificial reservoirs – 28,1 thousand hektar.

Donbass disposes of a great export potential. Raw materials and machines (75%), equipment (20-23%) dominate in the turnover of Donbass. Ferrous metals play a leading role in the economy of Donetsk region (about 70%). The main products for export are: power coal, metallurgical coke, benzene, carbide, synthetic ammonia, fireproof and building materials, pig iron, steel, asbestos pipes, rolling mills.

There is a great machinery complex with wide opportunities. Till the shortest time it was oriented for space and military industry. At the present works of Donetsk region produce equipment for chemical and mining industry, radio-electronics and precision instrument making.

Today Donetsk is becoming a Mecca for businessmen. Special economic zone “Donetsk” is situated within the precincts of Donetsk city and has good perspectives. It is created for the period of 60 years. On the territory of Special economic zone “Donetsk” there are enterprises which use new technologies aimed at manufacturing the goods for export and home market. Here the objects of industrial and non-industrial infrastructure, including offices, hotels, apartment houses, etc. can be placed. Here is a special preferential mode of taxation. All this attracts a lot of investors and business persons from all over the world.

“Intours-Donetsk”LTD. invites you to combine your business visit of Donetsk with an one-day excursion across the Donbass. During the excursion you can visit mines, collective or state farms, and also the town of Svjatohorsk (150 km from Donetsk), an Ukrainian health resort, a natural geological and botanical museum reserve, located on the bank of the river Seversky Donets, where extremely rare relict plants grow.

“Intours-Donetsk”LTD. assist to organize visits of large industrial / agricultural enterprises, plants and mines.

There are some of them:

1. Open Joint Stock Company “Donetsk Iron and Steel Works” (DMZ) is a large fully integrated metallurgical plant, whose production ranges from by-products to finished products of the highest quality. Production includes converted pig iron, structural shapes and flats. DMZ is a leader in production and sale of structural shapes, light shapes, sections (round and square billets), hot rolled strips, flat products, welded coated water-gas tubes. It also produces granulated slag, slag-forming compositions, materials for construction industry as well as office furniture and furniture for food-serving network. “Donetsk Iron & Steel Works” is located in the central part of Donetsk city, in the centre of the powerful railway infrastructure, it has its own transportation links to major domestic markets and is connected by railways with major Ukrainian sea ports of Odessa and Mariupol.

2. The Production Amalgamation “Novokramatorsky Machine-Building Works” is one of the leading enterprises of the heavy industry. The Amalgamation is located in the town of Kramatorsk, Donetsk District. It produces metallurgical, rolling mill, mining, forging and pressing equipment, is a major supplier of unique castings and forgings for power engineering and the machine tool industry. The Amalgamation specializes in the manufacture of 1100-, 1250- and 1320-mm slabbing mills, 1700- and 2000-mm semi continuous and continuous widestrip hot-rolling mills for steel, 2000- and 3600-mm plate mills, and 1800-, 2800-, and 5000-mm mills for the hot and cold rolling of aluminum and its alloys. The specifications of rolling mills produced by the Novokramatorsky Works place them among the best of their in the world.

3. The Joint Stock Company “Khartsyzkyi Trubnyi Zavod” is one of the largest producers of the steel electric-welded pipes of big diameter in the world. The plant has modern equipment and uses modern technology. The pipes produced at the plant, are used to supply oil and gas in the largest pipelines of Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and international mains of “Druzhba” and Urengoi-Pomary-Uzhgorod. The main produce of the plant are electric-welded 478-1420 mm pipes with outward anticorrosion polymeric coating for water-, gas- and oil mains; gas pipes of 32-89 mm; pipes 4,76-12 mm for refrigerator and automobile industries; steel electric-welded gasbags for automobiles and homes. The produce of the plant is certificated according to the International Standard API SPEC 5L by the American Oil Institute. The Quality Control System of the produce is certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001-9004. The plant is located in Khartsyzk town, Donetsk District.

If you are going to make a business trip to Donetsk city / Donetsk region we can provide you with visa assistance, organization of business visit of our enterprises, services for lodging, transfers, interpreters, transport and various your business visit with excursion



(4 days / 3 nights)

Day I    Arrival at the Borispol International Airport in Kyiv, meeting by guide.

Panoramic City Tour around Kyiv (by coach) including visit to the St.Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, St. Michael Golden Domed Cathedral, surveying the Golden Gate.

 Transfer to the Borispol Airport, departure for Donetsk city at 19.05.

20.40 : Meeting at Donetsk airport, transfer to Central Hotel ***+, accommodation.

Day II    Transfer to the conference hall for a meeting with representatives of works and factories of different branches of Donetsk and Donetsk Region ( on request : coal mining, ferrous metallurgy, chemical and petroleum industries, machine-building and metal working, building material manufacture, electrical engineering, light and food industries).


The 2nd part of the meeting.

Sight-seeing tour around Donetsk city: seeing the sights of the modern industrial centre of Ukraine, built above the coal seams, the focal point in a huge coal basin, including visit of a coal-pit and a chapel of the by under-ground disaster perished miners.

Day III    Excursion to the special economic zone “Donetsk” (within the precincts of Donetsk city) which creates good perspectives and conditions for investors and business persons.

 Optional: visit of one of the industrial enterprises of Donetsk / Donetsk Region (on advance order).

 Parting dinner in one of the local restaurants with national Ukrainian cuisine and folk show.

Day IV     Transfer to the airport, departure for Kyiv by morning flight.

Meeting at the Kyiv airport by guide.

Excursion (by coach) to Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Monastery of the Caves, where thanks to a special combination of low temperature and humidity, the bodies of deceased monks did not decay, but were mummified) including visit to the Assumption Cathedral and surveying the Lavra caves.

Transfer to the Borispol International Airport.


PACKAGE TOUR PRICE (for groups not less 20pax) - 340 USD

SERVICES PROVIDED: single-bedded accommodation in Central Hotel ***+, half board, transfers by arrival/departure, excursions, entrance fees, transport services, parting dinner, folk show, rent an conference hall for a business meeting.

NOT INCLUDED: round trip air ticket “Kyiv-Donetsk-Kyiv”: 230 USD.


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